Infinite number of Key Editor windows

Heavily annoying for me, don’t recall it worked like that in C9.

1.Double click on MIDI event, Key Editor opens (I have that selection in the pref)

2.“Bring to front” - so to put everything in the background and bring project window to the front.

3.Double click on the next MIDI event, NEW Key Editor opens (showing exactly the same material, but a separate window nevertheless, first one is in the background)

4.AGAIN “Bring to front” - SECOND Key Editor window goes back in the background

  1. Double click on the next MIDI event - THIRD window opens with the same material

6.Bring to front - you get 3 windows in the background

ETC…ETC … next thing you notice, your graphic lags, you get latency between the click and the selection of any event because you have 10, 15, 20, 25, etc. Key Editor windows opened in the background. Now you have to close them all so you can continue with your work.

I really don’t thing this should work like this.