Infinite repeat loop

Expected playback behaviour: 1-2, 1-2, 3-6, 3-5, 7-11, 8-11, 12…

Playback gets caught in an infinite loop 8-11. What am I doing wrong?

The only thing I can think of is, make sure the 2nd ending line is firmly in that bar only. i.e. Make sure it doesn’t cross over to include the start repeat in the next bar which might confuse Dorico.

Well, I was unable to reproduce the problem. Even if I extended the 2nd ending line to the next bar. I would zip it up and let Daniel have a look.

I am having a similar problem, where Dorico is looping infinitely the first four bars of a song, instead of moving on after 8 Bars. Simple repeat at the end.
Also I am not able to start playback after the first four bars by selecting a note after the first four bars, using “playing from selection”. Always jumps back. Manually fast forward >> doesn’t go over the first 4 bars.

Update: My fault, there was a start repeat sign missing, so Dorico got confused. Human error. Thanks Daniel!

Can you attach the project, TLuescher? Without seeing what you’re working with it’s hard to know what to suggest.

I am having a similar problem, where Dorico is looping infinitely the first section of my composition.
I think one of the possible causes is the use of different time signatures simultaneously, but I think this is a bug, even though I am new to Dorico. First and second endings are not involved - just normal repeat signs.
I have attached my dorico file.
Adani versus the black-throated (549 KB)

Dear Jon,
If you want to attach a Dorico file here, you have to change its extension from .dorico to .zip

Was this issue resolved? I’m running into the same problem of a constant repeat of the first part of my music. Endings seem to be alligned fine, not sure what the problem is, never encountered it before…

Unfortunately we’ll need to see the project to be able to advise. Delete e.g. all but one player and delete all but one or two bars in each repeated section, do Play > Playback Template and set the ‘Silence’ playback template to reduce the size of the project, then zip it up and attach it here, and we’ll take a look.

I deleted all repeats and added them again, then to find out I had forgotten to add a forward repeat in one passage. This mistake made Dorico go in this infinite loop, because the software didn’t know what point it had to go back to.