Info about automation when it's hidden

Is there a way to know if a track has automations if all the automation are hidden?
Of course I could use “show automation”, but I would like to know before showing the automation.


Usually once you have added automation to a track the R button is lit on the mixer as well as in the track view window to signify that it’s reading said automation. Unless you toggle it off, that’s usually a good quick indicator that the track has automation on it. I guess if you toggle it off, your doing work with that track specifically, so in that case you would already know??!! :slight_smile:

Great many thanks I didn’t think about the read button.

Another thing I don’t understand is why when I hide the automation it closes all the folders. Any ideas?

I’m not quite sure what you mean by “closes all the folders”. When you hide the automation for a given track it just basically closes up the automation subtracks below the track you are working on. Those can be expanded again by right clicking the track and choosing show automation. Conversely, selecting hide or show ALL automation would do the same for all tracks that contain automation information.

The problem is that if I select “hide all automation” all the folders get folded so all the subtracks are hidden. Ok to hide the automations but I don’t want to fold the folders.

I guess the question would then be, why would you want to see the automation subtracks but hide the actual automation data? If that’s what your getting at, then yeah, I don’t think there is any way to do this. When you hide the automation it hides the corresponding lane. I tend to stray away from using the term “folder” because that sort of brings in the folder track concept. I just wanted to make sure you weren’t referring to that.

Unfortunately I was talking about the real “folder track”. But I found out that is a C7.5.1 bug and happens with a big project and not with a new one. Hope it will be fixed in 7.5.2.

Hmm… interesting… Just created a project with over 60 audio tracks… added volume automation to about 30 of them… and am not having that issue. Was the project in question bigger than this? Maybe it has something to do with which parameter your automating as well? Not sure… but if it’s already listed as a bug that Steinberg is aware of, then I would expect they will have a fix for it soon. Sorry to hear your having that issue.

yes, my project is very big with a lot of automations, instruments and plugs. no idea why Cubase got corrupted. I started this project in C7 a few months ago.

This may be no help . . .

But, if you drop down just one automation track for the channel and then drop down the box on that track to select the automation type - there will be a little asterisk beside any used parameter.

It, at least, helps remind you what you have already written without “showing used automation”.