Info about Cubase AI

Cubase AI is an OEM product and only available with hardware products from Yamaha and Steinberg. It can not be purchased separately and is an exclusive benefit for Yamaha and Steinberg customers. This Cubase version offers features to integrate your Yamaha and Steinberg hardware with Cubase AI (AI is a shortcut for Advanced Integration). These AI features are also part of the current Cubase retail versions versions.

Support / Updates
Please note that the hardware manufactuer is the first contact address for basic support and how to setup Cubase AI with your hardware. Additional questions can be discussed here in the forums. Please also have a look into our Knowledge Base where you can find articles related to Cubase.

The manual of Cubase AI is installed as PDF files with the software and consists of a comprehensive Getting Started manual, a detailed Operation Manual and additional PDFs for the included Audio Effects & Virtual Instruments. Most questions can be already solved by having a look there.

If you are interested in upgrading Cubase AI to the current Cubase versions please contact your local dealer or [u]national distributor[/u] for availability and pricing details.

Please notice that you can not update Cubase LE to Cubase AI !

[u]Website for Steinberg music production software[/u] - Additional details to current Cubase versions can be found here.

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