Info about Cubase LE

What is Cubase LE?
Cubase LE is an [u]OEM[/u] product and the smallest of Steinberg’s professional Music Production System Cubase.

  • Just like all Steinberg music workstation and VST products, Cubase LE OEM is a Macintosh and PC cross-platform product
  • Fully upgradeable to the latest generation of Cubase
  • Includes full set of audio effects plug-ins
  • Contains basic virtual instruments to get users started

Cubase LE can not be purchased alone, it is always bundled with audio hardware by different manufacturers.

Support / Updates
Please note that the [u]OEM[/u] partner who bundled Cubase LE with your audio hardware is the first contact address for basic support and how to setup Cubase LE with your audio hardware. Additional questions can be discussed here in the forums. For updates please have a look at the download page.

The manual of Cubase LE is installed as PDF files with the software and consists of a comprehensive Getting Started manual, a detailed Operation Manual and additional PDFs for the included Audio Effects & Virtual Instruments. Most questions can be already solved by having a look there.

If you are interested in upgrading Cubase LE to the current Cubase generation please contact your local dealer or [u]national distributor[/u] for availability and pricing details.

[u]Website for Steinberg music production software[/u] - Additional details on current Cubase versions can be found here.

Hi, I desperately need help as a new user to Cubase LE 10 and Retrologue 2. I’ve just installed and used these software without difficulty. However, as I’m changing my computer, I can’t transfer the eLicenser (stored in old computer) to the new computer.

I’ve registered the eLicenser serial number (20 digits) with my Steinberg account. When I log-in to “My Product” and tried to reactivate both software by clicking “Reactivate License” button, it showed the old Soft-eLicenser number and when I clicked it, it came to a new page asking for “new Soft-eLicenser” number (while the old Soft-eLicenser number appeared at the bottom line). But, I don’t know how to obtain the “new Soft-eLicenser” number from the eLicenser Control Center in my old computer, which is required for obtaining the new activation code to authentic the software to be used in the new computer.

Could someone please help me?