Info and overview lines disappear on next start


I just had to switch from Cubase 7 to Pro 8 because my 2011 mbp died, and new macs only run Yosemite…
I’m slowly getting used to the few changes in the interface, but until now I managed to recover my reference marks.

A little annoying thing remains, in my memories I was able before to choose to display the info line and overview line on top of project window, with the window layout menu, and keep them that way.
Now each time I open Cubase, for a same project (created in Cubase 7 I must say) I have to manually check the menu to show the lines again. Quite boring already…

I just noticed it behaves the same when I create a new project, even if I try to make it a template with the lines on.

Is there something I’m missing?

Thanks in advance
All the best


PS : Spending more time on it, I noticed this is the same for other settings made in the toolbar, like snap mode… :frowning:

Yes I had the same issue, it because of the new ‘workspaces’ feature… You need to update the workspace you are using so that it remembers your settings for next time… Set the screen up exactly as you want it, then go to the ‘workspaces’ menu and select ‘update workspace’…

Once you get the hang of this new feature it’s actually pretty cool, as I constantly move between my laptop screen and having an extra monitor, I can quickly switch between different setups without having to resize windows etc… saves a lot of hassle!

Thank you very much, it’s working now with both info/overview lines !
I started to look into advanced tutorials of C8 to get some update, but I didn’t see the workspaces
yet, it’s really cool indeed. I’ll test it very soon with my external screen, thanks for the tips !

Do you have any idea concerning the snap settings? They remain when I close/re-open a project but get back
to default when I relaunch Cubase. Same for cursor position : in general I have my main portion of a mix is in the middle, for flexibility, but since C8 I have to move from the beginning each time at startup.


No, I have the same issue… project keeps displaying the first few bars each time I reload, strange… can’t say I’ve noticed the snap settings though