Info for Eiosis/Slate (especially VMR) users

I have been helping Eiosis/Slate fix some bugs with their software in Wavelab. Some of their plugins would not actually render when VST3 versions were used. Some plugins would not be audibly active on reopened sessions until you opened the GUI of the plugin, then the plugin settings would engage.

Eiosis AirEQ VST2 seems pretty stable in Wavelab now. The VST3 version still doesn’t engage until you open the GUI but it does render no matter what from what I’ve found. They are apparently about to release an update that makes the VST3 version of AirEQ more stable.

I never use the Slate plugins in Wavelab because I’ve heard of major problems but here is some info from their tech support that some might find interesting, especially Virtual Mix Rack users:

We were able to fix these issues in AirEQ and some Slate plugins, however, unfortunately there’s nothing we can do to fix this for VMR unless the developers for WaveLab change the way they address VST3 plugins in this specific scenario.

In more detail, Wavelab creates a VST3 processor, and communicates only to the processor, without checking if it also created a controller. VMR needs a controller, because it will create an engine, which manages which module is instantiated and where… this is just a specificity of VMR, and a blurry part of the VST3 SDK documentation.

When we redo our VST3 wrapper, we might find a way to resolve this (or not), but for now we would have to advise any WaveLab user to only use the VST2 version, because the way WaveLab supports VST3 isn’t compatible with VMR with the way that VMR is built.

We should have an update for AirEQ by the end of the week that will include this fix! Thanks again for your patience and cooperation!

That is helpful and interesting. I am not sure I really understand what they are saying re VST3. Why is this a WL problem when they are designing a plug that is supposed to comply with the VST3 SDK documentation?

Slate FG-X seems to work fine BTW.

Have you been using the latest version that is now (finally) 64-bit compatible? I bought FG-X for a one time thing on an existing project awhile back that needed it, but I haven’t really check it out because it only recently went 64-bit and I’m very weary of Slate stuff working in Wavelab.

The tricky thing is that you may hear a Slate plugin working, but it may not be included on rendered files. With Eiosis AirEQ (and some Slate stuff), the plugins don’t engage until you open the GUI, something that is a problem if you’re opening a session already in progress with these plugins.

It sounds like they are making some progress though.

I use Slate Virtual Tape Machine and have noticed that it doesn’t report its latency correctly to Wavelab. Rendered files are longer and the audio has shifted forwards. Not always a problem except when I’m working for TV/post and the files have to be exactly the same. Same thing happens in Voxengo Elephant 4.1. Same in DMG Equilibrium. I’ve reported to everyone but for some reason manufacturers have issues with Wavelab. Weird since Steinberg invented VST!