Info-line drag / Lower Zone Interference

  1. Have any event or MIDI part in a project selected, so that the info line displays its information.
  2. Maximize the lower zone. (Drag the seperator as high up as it can go.)
  3. Let’s use transpose in the info line. Click on transpose, drag down.
  4. Observe how the value stops decreasing the moment the mouse cursor crosses the boundary to the lower zone.


  1. If the movement is fast enough that the mouse pointer doesn’t change to the “resize divider” icon, it will not occur. Give it some tries, and it will.
  2. When this occurs, if the mouse button is released in the lower zone, the click is swallowed. One cannot click to the right corner X to close the program, for instance. They first have to click some times in the main project zone (I haven’t found an exact reproduction pattern for this, sorry), until the click comes back.


This is known and already reported issue. Thank you.

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