Info-Line editing doesn't work as it used to

I’m pretty sure that Description, is no longer functioning as it used to and should be.

For instance, if no user-description has been entered, then no description shows up and it shows the file name on the region instead. But if you now bounce this region, it puts the previous audio-file name as the description?


filename: Audio 03

The track title is Kick-In.

I bounce the region on this track, so the file name becomes “Kick-In” but it then makes the description ‘Audio 03’

It makes no sense, I’m having to delete these descriptions one by one so that file names are properly displayed on the region.

The other thing, I’m pretty sure if you selected multiple regions, and you went into the Info-Line description to edit and you wanted to delete all the descriptions for all the selected regions you could I’m pretty sure. I think you just deleted the field, and then press ctrl+enter and it would delete or make the descriptions back to default. Now it renames all the regions the same thing.

Do you have the file name field hidden?

I don;t think so, but even if I did, why would it move the previous file name into the description field, when the description field hasn’t been user initiated yet? If I recall, the description field would only be initiated if the user would type something into but if they didn’t by default it would only ever show the file name on the event.

Oh I see what you’re talking about. :confused: :blush:

Yeah- I do not know why it’s like that now- I had a look in Cubase 8.5 and it doesn’t automatically edit the description.

A small consolation is that you can create a PLE preset to clean up bunches at once.

I also think that (and not many people know about these key modifiers) there some keyboard modifiers for multi-event info-line name/description editing that existed but not longer work or function as they used to. I’m having trouble remembering what they were, but one of the functions was, if you had multiple events all with different descriptions - some empty, some “Take 1”, some “Take 2”, one “best take”, and you wanted to make all these event descriptions “Comped”, all you had to do was select all these events, type in the description, hold a modifer (ctrl, alt, or shift) and press enter and it would consolidate the description of all these events to “Comped”


The file name field of this seems to be working as it was in v9.5.30. Changing the name here writes the new name to the Audio Pool/project folder correctly. Also, I tried a few bouncing events/regions and these all adopted the track name as I expect.

However, as for the ‘Description’ function - sorry, I’m not as familiar with how it used to behave. In fact, I had to explicitly enable this field in the Info-Line to test it out. So I would normally not even see it.! Having said that, I just tried a few things and I can’t seem to make any clip have no description at all for example - is that normal…?

For multiple clips, I tried @steve’s suggestion and the three clips I had given new separate descriptions for, did all accept the new name I edited in the Description field (I selected them, re-typed a name and used ctrl+enter to execute the change).

If the description is “empty”, ie, a user has not typed in their own description, by default the description is automatically the file name.

The broken mechanic here seems to be, when bouncing, that the automatic file name description is not being updated to the file name and is getting stuck as the description. auto-description file name is essentially being read by the program as a user-entered description when the event is being bounced and thus the new bounce, shows the OLD pre-bounce file name as the new bounce description.

If there is a user-entered description and you do a bounce, the program correctly retains the user description.

And then I think the other thing with the ctrl modifier, was if you wanted to delete/clear multiple user entered descriptions across multiple events, you’d select them all, select the description field and delete, then press ctrl+enter and it clear all the selected descriptions. This seems to just make all the descriptions the same now despite having cleared the field before pressing ctrl+enter.

I’m pretty sure this is what it was.

The other ctrl+enter mechanics seems to be functioning correctly…

For instance, consolidating a fade value across multiple events works as it should.

ok - interesting…

Going to leave you on this one now; looks like you’ve identified a couple of issues here.

I’d suggest maybe a plain and dumb and simple step-by-step repro edited into your first post, to try and grab attention.

BTW - have you still got access to earlier editions of Cubase (to help prove previous behaviour).? An install on a separate machine you can check against…?

Anyway, good luck.!

I would imagine this would be extremely annoying and confusing for people working in film post or archiving or sample creation… anything with large complicated counts of events and audio files beyond the typical recording scenarios.

+1 Agreed. It is broken. Not working the same way it has since I started on Cubase 6. I have the same problem as the OP.

OMG! It’s not just me! thought I was going crazy! All these years! I KNEW this had changed somewhere down the release chain!

This is still not fixed, at least not in 10.5! (guess neither is in 11)


@cbdmusic since Cubase 6!


The program needs to be able to differentiate between Auto-Renaming the description from current file name, and retaining user-entered descriptions

The fact it retains ‘Test’ in the description is good, but all the other times, it should have auto-updated the new file name as no user-entry had been made…

The program is currently seeing - every description - as a user entry.


I think, what probably happened, if my memory serves me correctly - It used to be that bouncing an event would delete the description (might not remember that correctly) and people likely wanted/requested that the description would be retained.

But in developing/fulfilling that request, the devs maybe broke/had to change the auto-updating of file-name to description?

edit 3
@steve could maybe update/change the thread title to something that maybe better describes the issue as it has been unpacked… like, ‘InfoLine File Name to Description discrepancy issue: User Entry Description vs Auto-Update Description’

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It’s difficult to really understand the flickering and giant animations.

What’s need is a clear reproduction sequence, like

They’re flickering for you? Strange, not for me.
0.)Have InfoLine open/viewable
1.)Create an Audio Track
2.)Name the track ‘AAA’
3.)Record on this track
4.)Change Track Name to ‘CCC’
5.)Bounce the Event (which on record, would have been auto-named ‘AAA’) you recorded
–You will see that the event file name has changed to ‘CCC’, but the Description has not auto-updated and instead remained as ‘AAA’.
—The program is seeing every Description as a user-entry. Only actual user-entries should retain Descriptions through bounces as inputted by the user.
----A user-description that is deleted, should reset back to filename->description auto-update protocol.

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was this ever fixed in v11??


This is still not fixed.