Info Line Has Vanished Cubase 11

CUBASE PDF.pdf (265.9 KB)

I have INFO line selected in Window Setup but. it’s not showing up. I closed the project and opened another, and that one shows up fine. What on earth. have I done to make this vanish?

Your Info Line is showing normally in your screen grab. Perhaps it is the Status Line you are looking for?

FYI, you can just paste an image directly into a forum post - no need to mess with any files.

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See this in the Forum Guide
Simply drag and drop onto the edit box. Project files, images, .dmp, .crash files, and other pertinent file types can be uploaded.

Thanks Steve, I guess it’s whatever the line is that allows one to adjust fine pitch, etc. This DOES show up if I double click the audio file, but usually it is just right there…thanks

It was @raino who gave that advice, I just added a link on how to add images to your post.

The fields displayed on the Info Line will vary depending on what is Selected in the Project Window. In the example you posted, it’s a little hard to tell but it looks like the item “REF_03” you have selected is an Audio Part and not an Audio Event. If it were an Audio Event then there would be fields that let you adjust the Pitch. But as an Audio Part there isn’t. If you double click on an Audio Part it will open the Part Editor where you could then select the underlying Audio Event(s) where you should be able to adjust the pitch.