info line improve display

i don’t know if it’s windows behavior but info line is always empty when i open it no matter if a region is selected or not.
It’s very annoying because i always have to clic out of the region i wanted info on and reclic on it to see data in infoline.
Doing this i stop playback because i clic in empty space in edit window or i clic another region … wich i like to avoid because increase the risk of moving sometime.

  • would love info line to be displaying DATA when opening it
  • also would be nice to be able to have it on RIGHT ZONE or EXTERNAL WINDOW.

While you wait for Steinberg to fulfill this feature request, the workaround is easy: Do a quick arrow-right then arrow-left to re-select the object and get the info line to update.

To make it work truly automagically, create a macro and assign to it the keystroke you normally use to open the info line.