Info Line : Improve visibility of name

When I give a large name (99% of the times) to an event or a part or a cycle marker, this large name is “cut” in the info line, showing only the first letters and last letters. And of course is cut in the event or part or cycle marker if the zoom is not big enough.

So, when I open a project of 2 weeks ago, and I want to know what an event or part says (what I have wriiten there), it’s not enough that I select that event or part.
I must select this event or part, and after goes to the info line to read the entire text, or increase the zoom of that part or event, or I have to put the cursor on that event or part (then the name appears on a floating square).

In the case that I only have to read one event it’s not a big issue. But if I want to read 10 or 20 names of different events or parts, it’s a boring task.

I think it should be nice to improve this feature. I am sure that Cubase, or people who read this topic, could have better ideas than me, but I have thought some options:

  • Make the entire line of Info line just for the name of the event/part, with a shortcut to switch between this new entire line and current Info Line.
  • Make a new Second Info Line with the entire line for the name, with a shortcut to open/close it
  • Make a new floating window showing the entire name of the event/part selected, with a shortcut to open/close this floating window. If no event or part is selected, the floating window disappear. Floating window can be redimensioned by user.

*In the case of audio events there are 2 names in the current Info Line. I would divide in 2 parts the entire line of Infoline (options 1&2) to show the 2 names. In the option floating window I would show the 2 names in the same floating window