Info Line needs to be re-sizable


Not the first time I request this but this needs to be fixed.

Basically, the info line tabs needs to be re-sizable and movabale. I work full time as a composer for a sound and music for video games company and we always compose music that is modular. We end up with dozens of 2 to 12 bars segments so it can be arranged in many ways in Wwise.

We use the cycle markers to tag and export the many many segments we create. This is the extremely boring part of the day when we name everything with a precise nomenclature so we can understand what segments are intended for what. Our titles are long because they contain a lot of information like tempo, pre-entry beats, segment name, game name, games level name, layers, key signatures etc…

My main issue is this :

We cannot resize the description box in the info pan so we never see the full marker titles when we want to rename them. We need to double click on the description box and then move the cursor with the arrow keys. It’s retarded. I’m telling you this is enough to drive anyone crazy. I know I am getting there.

And now that we can work with 4k ultrawide monitors, the info line is ridiculously cramped in the far left of the monitor.

Please fix this!!!

Hello. To center, you must go to the options in the infobar and remove the left “divisor” (in French: diviseur, I don’t know if my English translation is good). Everything will be centered. For the rest, you’re right.

In fact, what monitor do you have? Did you manage to configure Cubase in 4k? Not me. 100% is wrong, and neither is 200%.

  • 1 for bigger/resizable Description Box in Info Line!
    great FR, need this too!

I did a post asking for some solution on this issue: