Info Line question.

When selecting most of the events in a project the Info Line displays a lot of data that can be edited - Fade in, Fade out, Volume, Transpose, Fine-Tune etc.

But when selecting some events a much shorter list of editable options is available in the Info Line. For example, Transpose is not there.

All of the events are on audio tracks which look identical to me.

Any idea why this could be?


Could you attach a screenshot of the Audio event and the Info line? Please both… Comparison of the right one and the “empty” one. Thanks

Both files are rendered from VSTi’s.


Thank you for the screenshots.

Isn’t it Audio Part on the 2nd screenshot?


So what is the best way to transpose the bit of audio in the second screenshot? Audio/Processes/Pitch Shift or Audio/DOP (they look much the same to me), or something else?


Open the Part Editor (double-click to the Audio part). Select the Audio Event in the Part Editor. Now you can see the wanted Info Line in the Editor and you can transpose here.

Thank you Martin.