info line start / end / length can't copy if locked


when you lock a region in position, you can’t access the START /ENd / lengh windows from info line of course because nuendo does not want you to change it because it’s locked (also file, description if lock is set to “others”).
but you might want to access them just to copy. for exemple i want to export some tc manually i have to unlock my region, enter the infoline i need, copy , exit, relock …paste :stuck_out_tongue: would much better if we could access those infos to copy but can’t change them if they are locked.
no ? or at least right clic copy on it.


The same is true a for copying&pasting range-selections from locked events; not possible.

I think this “locked status” needs a closer look in order to improve/allow copy&paste-operations.

Niek/ Amsterdam