info-line transpose to perform resampling / elastique-tape

this would be a very welcome addition that other DAWs have now.

normally, using the info-line transpose on an audio event real-time transposes it using the algorithm it’s set to.

this does not work with algorithms of the elastique-tape variety.

it should however. what it should do is transpose the selected events by ‘resampling’, ie. change the events’ lengths to produce the desired change in pitch, like samplers do (or like the pitch dialog does in cubase).

+1 absolutley.


and actually resampling not timestretch and pitch shift pls.

that would be nice & clean.


should be a thing.


Well now, this I do like…! Quick, clean, nice.


+100 please :slight_smile:… So simple and exactly what I want!!

Why do i get the feeling this used to be the case,… maybe I’m thinking of another DAW? I used to use Logic up to 5 (PC).

This is perfect for drum sounds in electronic music… I have no need to play key drum hits through a sampler - e.g. kicks; snares; claps… Waste of time and CPU. But the punchy dynamics get murdered by all algorithms provided (including “drums”). The lack of this really kills the quick fun exploration of “the right” pitch for drum parts for me.

If this setting was available; I’d have it set as default… and to be honest; I’m kind of sad it’s not there!

yeah seems like laziness.

this is one of my everlasting FR… :slight_smile:

1 + !!!