info line = weird behavior


i never had this problem in nuendo 6 but maybe it’s because i had to change the windows theme that i have it ? or is it nuendo 7 ? :

i close the info line to have more space when working. if i want to get info about a region i press “i” and this shortcut open info line.
before (nuendo6) when i had a region or event selected and opened info line i could read instantly the data concerning the already selected element. Or i could open info line THEN select an element.

but now. if i select an element then open info line. the infos are empty… the element is selected an highlighted but i can’t read any data. if i clic again on this element … nothing happen (!) i have to unselect it by both selecting something else or clicing in empty area THEN reclic that element to get infos…

that’s not very logic …
am i doing something wrong ? thx

Seems like a bug to me.