info on drag event is not visible

When you select an event like MIDI NOTE. some information appears to tell you position and height of note. but the contrast of the data is so light grey that i can hardly read it.

Yeah I noticed the same thing— if you’re like me, I set my background work area color to white or light grey, so when dragging events the same thing happens— you can’t see the time code or fade length because it disappears into the background. Black might be a better choice as I really doubt people set a solid black work area. Just a guess

Agreed 100% .
I’m sure it’s an easy fix for the next update…

I agree. For Steinberg similar “flaws” is not a valid status. It is sad that ISSUES still closed section , I find lots of things there to write. ((((

Here, look the picture…
blind text.png

Why isn’t that display available when you clic drag an automation ? I hate to : clic / search for the value in the left tab / drag a tiny dot on the middle of screen while reading a value on left.