Info on Nuendo 6 and Cubase 7

Hey Bredo…
Are you going to publish a new SB Newspaper or are you all worked up, already, because X-Mas is getting sooo close?
Lol …

MI6 and CIA have already given up on spying out SB.
They won’t tell you nothing… Not even under torture.
I don’t think, they know anything, themselves…

Big K
Ex-Top Secret Agent

They do, but they forget so easily …


Hmmm, … Sad, …
It is so hard, these days, to get reasonable personnel.
Even around Hamburg area.

At least, Steinberg isn’t the only company keeping a too low profile or has anybody
heard of any news from Spectrasonics or Celemony, e.g.?
Melodyne Studio 4 seems a too bigger task to get finished, for it has been over
5 years since Studio 3.0 was released and there are 3 years gone, now, to Spec’s last
release Trilian.

2012 is nearly over and N6 was said to be released this year, at least it would be nice to know if it´s still scheduled for “this year” or “next year”…

Maybe I’m reading you wrong, but to me it’s the opposite. It’s the lack of features that hampers my workflow and makes it feel “long in the tooth” at this point (lack of reasonable grouping, offline plugin processing behavior etc). Or maybe we’re saying the same thing.

I agree it’d need to be a significant improvement. Ironically though that to me means including features that the stubborn people at Steinberg have ignored for years simply because they appear to think they knew better than the customers and the competition. If Nuendo could catch up in a few areas then that’d be enough for the app itself to completely “outdo” PT for example.

But the other thing that’s needed is an attitude change from Steinberg. Seeing how stubborn “they” are that’s probably not going to happen.