Info on the METER

Where can I find info on the big meter in Nuendo? (the one you open in the right zone)

The RMS Max readout doesn’t correlate with any other meters I have except my on-board RME Digicheck stuff (RMS +3 disengaged).

It would be really good to know how this meter is calibrated.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for this. But it doesn’t explain why the Nuendo Master Meter RMS levels, RME Digicheck and others don’t always match. Clearly there is a discrepancy on RMS calculation between meters. I’m not talking about +3 or EBU levels, just pure music RMS levels.

Probably the difference of using a sine or a square wave for calibration. If there’s a 3dB discrepancy this is probably what has happened.

That’s just the thing. It isn’t a 3dB discrepancy. RMS peak differences vary. When I get chance I’ll load up a few meters and note the differences.

RMS Max means just that. The RMS max value on the master meter displays the maximum RMS level and NOT a historic cumulative RMS level. Other meters may show a historic cumulative RMS value, hence the differences.

I’m aware of that…

Then why do Hawkeye, BX Meter, Ozone and Adapter display different RMS MAX levels to the Master Meter?

I tried with the Nuendo meters and BX_meter and they both displayed the same values here. Are you sure you’ve set the Nuendo meter to Digital Scale?

Perhaps they use a different time window to calculate the value but I suspect they’re not showing RMS max. Twelve twelve isn’t seeing the same result as you for the BX meter. And as far as I know the BX meter is a cumulative reading and NOT RMS max. In my opinion, there is no issue with the Nuendo master meter.

I can’t spend any more time on this. Good luck.


It’s not that there’s a problem, I’d just like to know from the ‘powers-that-be’