info track, is it still in Cubase 5?

In previous versions of Cubase there was the possibility to create an info track. On this track, events could be drawn. These events could have a name like intro, chorus etc. This was meant to give you a guide during tracking.

Is it still there in Cubase 5, or is there a workaround to achieve this?


Maybe the marker track?

Can’t type any info in the markerlane… thnx for the fast reply though!


I’ve always used an extra MIDI track for this purpose.

Well, if you do mean the Marker track, you have to insert a Marker event (e.g. with the pencil tool), then you can rename the event (in the “Description” field of either in the Marker track’s Inspector, or directly in the Markers window). The only other place you can write text (other than, as Jarno said, by naming blank Parts on a regular MIDI (or even Audio) track), is the Notepad.

Problem solved, in the marker window, locatepoints can be named. This is what I meant. Thnx everybody for the fast replies. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

And: you can use the arranger track for this.

I looked at the arrangertrack, but found no place to add some text, will look at it tommorow again. Thnx anyway for replying.