Information in title bar

I have a Windows file that was imported from Sibelius as trabaci-fedele-met.musicxml. I then saved it as trabaci-fidele-met.dorico, When I open this file in Dorico (right click; open in Dorico) I see that it displays as 1 in trabaci-fedele-met in the Title bar. Another variant of the same piece was imported as trabaci-fedele-met2.musicxml. and saved as trabaci-fidele-met2.dorico. It appears in the titlebar as Partita sopra Fedele in trabaci-fedele-met2.

As I have several files that have similar names, I get confused as to which one I am looking at when I refer to the title bar. Most programs give the name of the file itself in the title bar.

How can I control what is displayed in the title bar, so as to avoid confusion, please?


The title bar displays the title of the flow you are currently looking at within the project (or have something selected in), followed by the file name. If there’s a title in the XML file I think Dorico will assign that to the flow title when importing.

I’ve looked and I can’t find any way of setting the content of the title bar in Preferences. Other than renaming your flow(s) to something more meaningful in Project Info, I don’t think there’s anything else you can do at this point.

Thanks, James. I guess I shall have to be more cunning in naming Flow Titles!