Information on playing VSTs in a live setup

Hi everyone, i want to switch to playing live with VSTs with my covers band from a 2 keyboard setup. I would like to play 2 or 3 vst instruments (ie splitting the keyboard) using Cubase for each song (I have Cubase AI6, a Yamaha MX61 and a Steinberg UR22 interface and a Korg Nanokontrol2 controller). As an example i may want a Native Instruments Kontakt 5 vst on one part of the keyboard, and maybe a Halion Sonic vst on another part, say an octave up. This could be maybe for 1 song but i would then want to switch to another combination for the next song and etc. I would really appreciate it if you could point me in the direction of any tutorials that can help me understand how to set this up properly. I am finding a lot of information already and having fun playing around but the information im finding always seems to refer to either the wrong DAW, looping, or recording which im not interested in. Im sure this is possible and there must be someone out there thats done this previously…i hope anyway lol. Any help at all would be great. Thanks in advance. Steve.