Information on QuickTime discontinuation / new video engine

Dear forum members,

You may already have heard that the US government has classified QuickTime under Windows as a potential security risk, as Apple has now discontinued supporting QuickTime. The video engine in current Nuendo versions, like in many other products, is based on QuickTime.

While we shall not assume any responsibility from issues caused by third-party technologies, we of course see our responsibility to assure a trouble-free, convenient and secure usage of our products.

How to deal with this potential risk at the moment?
To the best of our knowledge, there is no concrete indication of viruses and other security threats related to the discontinuation of the QuickTime support at the moment, but this may change at any time. We therefore recommend to take the necessary steps in terms of preventive security of your IT system, or to disconnect the production system from the Internet if possible.

When will a solution be delivered?
Independent of the current potential security issue, we already started working on a new video engine a few months ago. The discontinuation of the QuickTime support by Apple forces us to invest even more resources in order to provide a solution at the earliest possible moment. This, however, will still take a couple of months, but we’re striving for the availability of a Quicktime-independent video engine still this year.

Thanks for you understanding and we will keep you up to date on the progress.

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Thanks Timo.

Does this mean that there won’t be a Nuendo 7.5 update until the new video engine is done however?
Curious what this might mean for the release date for 7.5.


Me too. And what happened to v.7.0.40 that was mentioned as being imminent a while back?

If this info from Timo is still true

and the new video engine is indeed part of the 7.5 update, then it means that 7.5 will not be out for a couple of months, but probably still this year.

Yeah… I’m curious if that’s still true.


thanks for your questions. Based on the current planning, Nuendo 7.5 is not to be released this year.
However, due to the situation caused by Apple, we need to invest more resources into the new video engine
which we hope to release before Nuendo 7.5, still this year.


Thanks for the clarification Timo. I know it’s annoying having to replace something that worked for years just because somebody dropped the ball. On the plus side, you can use this opportunity to kick ass and create a solid foundation that you have complete control over, never again dependent on another company in this critical area. Thanks for pulling the video engine out and offering it as an update before 7.5.

That is exactly our wish. While we are not a “video” company, we will invest into solutions that make
us a bit more independent from single manufacturers. We will also support additional formats in the new
video engine.


Timo, I understand your problem with the video engine, but what about fixing the VCA issues? - can we get an interim maintenance update to correct the problems?

Many of us paid for the N7 update just for the VCA features so to have to wait until NEXT YEAR for a possible fix is ludicrous.

That sounds like a transition to ffmpeg.

Hello Chris,

the first week of May will see the Nuendo 7.0.40 maintenance update, where a lot of VCA problems have been fixed,
including automation trim mode and a problem related to the mouse wheel.


Very good news.

Thanks Timo.


Hi Timo,

Great news about the new video engine. I’m hoping we’ll get basic editing and direct video export too (and also in Cubase please!). One thing, I’m wondering what format clients will deliver films in now? QuickTime is such a standard particularly if files are being sent from a Mac to a PC system. I’d love to know what you think the best format will be because if it causes any problems to editors I may switch back to OS X.



Cubase 8.5, Nuendo 4, Win 7 64bit


It’s the QT player for Windows which is the problem, not the file format.
You can -for example- play QT movies in Mediaplayer …


Hi Fredo,

Long time no see! Ah ok thanks, that’s good to know.



How about talking to the guys of VLC? It’s a solid player, can play almost any format, and it’s also a standard in Windows and Mac… and also Linux (with can open doors to have a kind of a Linux Cubase/Nuendo/Wavelab right?) :slight_smile:
All the best

Good idea. But it is just that, a player. The video engine is so much more. For one the support for video output cards.

ffmpeg is an engine. But it is licensed in a special way.

Ok, but behind the player must be an engine of some sort. It’s just a matter of knowing if it’s compatible or not, and if the engine per se can be embeded in Cubase/Nuendo/Wavelab, and doors will be open to a wonderfull world of multisystems/OS compatible stuff (and open code too, what can be a problem to Steinberg, and the only reason i see for them not to want this…). All the best guys :slight_smile:

Pal is right. A video engine that is used in a software like Nuendo is much more than a player engine for playing
back formats in a consumer video player. That being said, we are working under full speed to develop a new
and solid engine.

In a second step, this new engine will be enhanced with further functionalitiy, such as video rendering. But the
most urgent task is to replace the current QT-based engine.

Kind Regards,

Hi Timo, wonder if you could give us an update on this situation – any rough idea when the replacement might be done? Ongoing updates are always appreciated! We don’t need all the new functionality of course – just initially the replacement for QT.