Information on QuickTime discontinuation / new video engine

Dear forum members,

You may already have heard that the US government has classified QuickTime under Windows as a potential security risk, as Apple has now discontinued supporting QuickTime. The video engine in current Nuendo versions, like in many other products, is based on QuickTime.

While we shall not assume any responsibility from issues caused by third-party technologies, we of course see our responsibility to assure a trouble-free, convenient and secure usage of our products.

How to deal with this potential risk at the moment?
To the best of our knowledge, there is no concrete indication of viruses and other security threats related to the discontinuation of the QuickTime support at the moment, but this may change at any time. We therefore recommend to take the necessary steps in terms of preventive security of your IT system, or to disconnect the production system from the Internet if possible.

When will a solution be delivered?
Independent of the current potential security issue, we already started working on a new video engine for Nuendo 7.x a few months ago. The discontinuation of the QuickTime support by Apple forces us to invest even more resources in order to provide a solution at the earliest possible moment. This, however, will still take a couple of months, but we’re striving for the availability of a Quicktime-independent video engine still this year.

Thanks for you understanding and we will keep you up to date on the progress.

Best Regards,