Information request.

I probably didn’t quite understand how Dorico Pro works.
After the first readings of the manual, I understood that each flow was a score in its own right, so you could space the staves, space the notes independently of the other streams, for example.
In this way I thought that it was possible to configure each flow in a precise and meticulous way, giving distances defined by the user and perhaps different from the other flows.
This video you see is a composition of 13 streams corresponding to 13 parts of a baroque composition, where there is a change in the number of staves for each stream.
I configured the score to fit only the instruments that played in each stream.
By setting the distance between the notes or between the staves, this function has an effect on the whole score and not on each flow in itself.
In doing so, however, I noticed that for some pages it can also be valid, for many others it is not.
So I will be forced to transcribe 1 stream at a time and then reunite the whole score at the time of printing, even if it wasn’t what I wanted it to happen.
I think it would be useful for each stream to have the ability to define an ad hoc configuration, then a “layout options (Ctrl-Shift-L)” per flow.

I hope you understand what I wrote, my English is school and therefore I used google translator to write to you, sorry.

I think what you might be looking for is in layout options in vertical spacing the option: Justify distance between staves and systems when frame is at least [n]% full.
If it is ticked, try to set the number to a lower value, like 50%.

Is it what you were asking for?

Hi, thanks for the reply, but also doing it this way, being a rather long score and with flows, sometimes very different from each other (some have orchestra + 1 choir and others orchestra + 2 choirs), the optimization of the pages it is not so simple to make and you have to do numerous tests and waste a lot of time.

Ond thing that should help you, once you’re happy with the vertical spacing gaps you’ve chosen in Layout options, is the fact that you can change the space size on each break if you need! This means that, no matter what the space size is in Layout options > Page setup, you can define a new space size for a specific flow or page (without creating an override), retaining the same rules for vertical spacing. I often use this feature (to go from 1.2 to 1.1mm space size, it saves a lot of time. The goal is to use manual staff spacing as scarcely as possible!