inheriting file attributes

As far as I can tell the file attributes (Wave and BWF metadata) are not inherited in the following actions:

  1. Save special > Save selection as…
  2. Rendering from the montage. Even though the metadata field says ‘Inherit from source file’ in the Audio file format dialog. (Attributes are inherited when rendering from the AUdio File workspace)

I have not spent a lot of time chasing this down, but I wonder if anyone can confirm this for me?

  1. “Selection” has not “header file data”. That’s the quick answer. But I agree this could be changed.

  2. Since a montage is not attached to a specific audio file by design, the function is meant to work with templates, thanks to the new function below:
    That is, if your montage is created from a template that is associated with meta-data, this should work.


I see. In this particular instance I want to inherit metadata from the first audio file in the Montage, perhaps the ‘Inherit from source file’ option could do this, that is use metadata from the first file? My workaround is to save the metadata as the default from the Audio File workspace, and then selecting ‘Load default settings’ from the File format metadata window.