Init called when exporting audio?

I noticed that one of my controllers wasn’t reset when I made a .wav file. I remember reading that Init commands are called when playback starts, but are they also called when audio is exported?

In general, yes, during export the same routines are called as during realtime playback. Only difference is (or should be) that everything is done as quick as it can.
Is that a consistent behaviour you are experiencing, does it happen with any project or just one? And is it always happening, i.e. on every export? Would you then be able to share such project with us?

I am seeing Init MIDI messages are asserted during playback, but not when exporting midi.

Attached is a very simple project using Pianoteq as the VST, and the Default expression map with Init setting CC64 to 0.

  • In the Pianoteq VST interface, manually depress the pedal.
  • Export the audio. (Do not click Play.)

The exported audio has the sustained pedal depressed, meaning that neither the Init command nor the All Controllers Off events were sent to the VST prior to export.

If you don’t have Pianoteq, you should be able to do this with any VST that has a parameter that can be set with both user controls and MIDI CC. (558 KB)

Thanks for the data. Yes, I have the demo version of Pianoteq. I will try it out and come back.

Hi Jester, I’ve tried it out with the Pianoteq demo version, and true, in the export then the sustained piano sound appears. I need to ask our VST guru on this. Will come back soon.

There’s some missing logic to send the initialisation events for audio and MIDI export, so I’ll log that and we’ll hope to fix in a future version.