Init Sound on Steinberg's VTS 3 Instruments

How would i actually Initialize a Sound in the Steinberg’s plugins? I know most of Third Parties have an Init Preset
saved with them but none of the Standard VSTs that come with Cubase has…am i missing something?


Often when you create a new instance of a plugin, it is in “init” mode. You can save this as an “Init” preset.

Alternatively, which I and many others do and prefer, create a series of init scenario presets. I feel that too many times that the factory init programs are of inadequate foundations. They are after all, create to give a (very) simple start. Just like in computer programming I have, far too many times, found myself recreating the same structures or building blocks with slight variations as in previous sounds.

(As a side note, HALion, with its capabilities of importing and exporting these types of sound pieces, is fantastic!)

Thanks Elektro.
Yes, some of them do turn ON in its INIT position but some not. Your second scenario,
you mean creating INITs by actually reseting every single control? Which is impossible.
I thought there is something simple like EVERYTHING ELSE on this planet to just click
INITIALIZE SOUND…The IMPOSSIBLE comes fro the fact that i do not know what INIT
State is for which control. Even if i decide to do the second suggestion, creating INIT
Scenarios presets how would i go about this? I still have to start from an INIT Stage.


Does it matter what state is the default or init? Why do you need to start from the same point everytime? I mean, you are creating new sounds, and hopefully they aren’t all that similar to each other.

My point wasn’t for you to create the same init program as if Steinberg would’ve made them, but starting programs that fits your goals whatever they may be.

To start your own init programs, all you have to do is to pick a program and strip it. I agree that this isn’t ideal, but the point is that now you’ll have a starters program, and it’s the way you would want it. After all, you only have to do it once.

Anyway, like I said, most of them have init programs, if they don’t have an init button. If you let us know which instruments in particular are missing init programs, I am sure someone could help you! :slight_smile: