initial impressions of cubase 7

I have been up and running now for a few weeks and in general all is good in my virtual Cubase world. My machine needed to be replaced and i was running Cubase SX on Win XP for about a decade. The new machine spec is:
Ivy Bridge 4-core (not overclocked as i,m not a gamer), 120 g SD system drive and 500g SD drive for data, 32g memory.
I decided on a new OS as its essential to keep up with the times and running XP on 64-bit hardware architecture is asking for trouble somewhere down the line. Initially i went for Win 8 but found it to interfere (literally) with my work. I have since gone for Win 7 which is good so far. I now call the machine 7 of 7 for obvious reasons.
I was always worried about importing old Cubase SX versions of songs but really had no need to. Its been a breeze.
All the songs i,ve imported have loaded (including a decade of editing) and run smoothly. It was always my worry that i,d be able to load the songs but would have to re-edit everything again. Not so. There were plugins “missing”
but thats to be expected. In other words this is a backward/forward compatible platform. No worries there. However i have experienced random sample-rate changes to entire songs. They were originally recorded at 44.1 and Cubase seems to want to run them at 48. I am using a USB MOTU i/o card. Its pretty basic allowing a mic input and guitar input with no midi necessary. I am considering updating the card as i feel it could be the weakest link. If anyone has any suggestions i would appreciate it - thanks. Its not a huge deal as i can always revert to the previous version of the song and the sample rate usually jumps back to the intended setting.