Initial selection with qwerty keyboard

I know that there are various key commands for navigating around the music area, once something is selected. But, if nothing is selected, I’d like to be able to select something (anything) with a key command so that I can start happily navigating around.

The manual says “If nothing is selected in the music area, press any arrow key on your computer keyboard to select the first note, rest, or other item on the top staff in the current layout”. And this does work. But, if you have a time signature at the beginning, it selects that; and the standard navigation commands don’t seem to work if the selected item is a time signature. There must be a reason why pressing an arrow key selects the first item, but, unless you have no time signature, I can’t see how this helps. What am I missing, please? Is there a way to start navigating without using the mouse to make your initial selection?

Dorico finds the first selectable item closest to the top left corner of the view and selects that, so you could try moving the score view with Home/End so that the thing closest to the top left corner of the view isn’t a time signature, perhaps?

Daniel, thank you for this suggestion. It’s interesting that, in Galley View (with nothing selected), the arrow keys seem to select an item which is a beat or two before the first one that was previously in view, and to push the view back so that you can see the newly selected item. I don’t know whether this is deliberate, but I rather like it.

What I’d really like, I suppose, is a Go To command which not only shows you the specified bar (preferably centred) but also selects something in it.

A related question: if the last note in Flow 1 is selected, is there a key command that will select the first note in Flow 2?

No, there’s no key command to do this.