"Initial support for syncing VST instruments"

Excited about the new update, watching the What’s New video. Anthony mentions at about 10 minutes “Initial support for syncing VST instruments…”

Can you elaborate on what’s entailed in that word “initial”?

For the moment the sync will only work if you are in fixed tempo mode.

Thanks Ulf

In fact that’s not quite true. Even if fixed tempo mode is not activated, Dorico will send the initial tempo at the start of the first flow, and then send bar/beat positions accordingly. See page 35 of the Dorico 4.3 Version History PDF:

Tempo sync. For certain simple use cases, it is now possible for plug-ins that need to know the current tempo to sync to Dorico’s playback. This works only with the initial tempo in the flow, so tempo changes over the course of the flow are not handled. Unless you are recording in real-time, or if you have a non-zero value set for Pre-roll before flow in Playback Options, the bar/beat information sent by Dorico to the audio engine for the purposes of tempo and time sync is correct. This means that for simple projects with a single flow and no tempo changes, sync for plug-ins such as Groove Agent and EZDrummer now works as expected, allowing their patterns to be played back in time. We plan to further develop this tempo sync functionality in future versions.

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Thanks Daniel. I was probably looking in the wrong place earlier, but couldn’t find the text you’ve pasted. Anyway, that’s a welcome development.

This is super awesome. Can’t wait to try it with some tempo-dependant instruments!


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Whoa, I guess I didn’t quite catch this but, yeah, being able to trigger a drum sample now with Dorico is pretty cool! Great for mockups and great for when I have to make a VI playalong practice track for my improv class too. Just a quick test, but here’s a playalong practice track straight out of D4.3.

(Bonus points awarded to anyone that recognizes the chord changes :wink: )


Yeah! What I intend to do with this, is leave out the less-than-ideal drum parts hidden under the “play time”-slash regions, and let e.g, EZDrummer play that with its own engine.
I can just notate the actual written fills and kicks in Dorico itself, letting it take over when it needs to.
This is very cool!



Is there any special technique required to trigger a drum sample in Dorico?

Nothing special. I was using Straight Ahead! Jazz Drums in the audio posted above. It never worked with Dorico before because it needed to receive the tempo, so I would always just do it in Pro Tools. Now I can just write in whatever the library needs to play various sounds. For example the audio posted above just looked like this in Dorico.

I’m definitely going to look at some other drum options too during Black Friday sales now that they can be used in D4.3.

…and so the secret of your chord changes is revealed…!

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… and the tune is? :grinning:

@FredGUnn Do you have any thoughts on how to manage the display of these patterns in the score? Keep tied whole notes? I was thinking about creating playing techniques for the patterns and hiding the pt, but not sure about that. Perhaps hidden staves?


Got me there.

On the drum triggering issue, though, I was thinking that I’ve not any problem (of that kind:) ) with NI Battery, or the various Kontakt kits.

So you use tied whole notes (or whatever fills each measure) to match the length of the loop? That was what I needed to know. Thanks.

That was my thought. As is, I had always been doing one drum staff for notation, and one for playback using a drum VST. I’ll probably do similarly with a drum sample staff.

I haven’t had a problem with a VST kit like VSL Jazz Drums, but a drum sample like Straight Ahead! Jazz Drums never worked because it needed the tempo information from Dorico.

Yeah. Maybe there’s a better way to trigger it with a Playing Technique or something, but that worked and was pretty easy if I’m gonna hide the staff anyway.


I like EZDrummer with the Jazz extension.


My maps in case you need them.

EZDrummer jazz & Latin.zip (5.5 KB)

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Thanks! I don’t have EZDrummer (or Superior Drummer) but it looks like Toontrack has a sale going on now. I’m definitely going to look into it, especially now that it can be used directly in D4.3!

Test file.


EZDrummer Jazz test 2.dorico (947.8 KB)

Are there any updates on this?
I tried with Dorico 5.0.20 but tempo changes are still not forwarded to VST’s.
When is that going to happen?
best, S