Initial Thoughts From A WL7 Grouser

I (finally) got the WL9 Trial installed…

I have spent dozens of posts LAMBASTING PG for turning my fave app of all time (WL4) into my least fave app of all time (WL7). So I just wanna say… WOW.

Whoever designed the WL9 UI knocked it out of the park. Unlike WL7 or WL8 I haven’t had to crack the manual even -once-. The whole thing works the way I -expect- it to. Not an easy feat given the deep feature-set. WELL DONE! WELL DONE!

Master Rig is -fantastic-. The M/S stuff is one of those things I didn’t know I needed and instantly can’t see living without.

Niggles? Not too many. Oddly, I was never one of those who clamoured for ‘automation’ simply because the guy who masters my records (and he does have 2-3 Grammy’s) NEVER uses automation (his message: “If you need automation, you need to re-mix.” Words to live by.)

Anyhoo, two LONGSTANDING requests:

  1. A feature request I’ve had since forever: I REALLY wish you would give the Spectrum Editor at least -some- of the flexibility of Sony or Izotope. It desperately needs multi-point editing.

  2. I want NOTES. I want a Notepad, like Cubase, which I can attach to each Montage -and- to each clip in a Montage. I’m constantly using pads of paper to track what I’ve done to various parts of a project. All that should be stored inside the project.

That aside? I’m hard pressed to think of anything that’s missing.



Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

  1. Spectrum Editor (…)

This is much under consideration

  1. I want NOTES

You have that for a montage:
And for clip, see the Clip window, there is a “Comment” field at the right side.


I agree with suntower. This is the best WL since 6.0 and I have been a loyal WL user since version 1.6 back in the 90’s.

Very intuitive and very well thought out. The UI is well done and the whole program is a joy to work on. The “ribbon” is a great addition and M/S is something I have wanted for a long long time.

Congrats PG on a job well done!

I personally think v9 is the best version ever - better than v6 (there is definitely no way I’d ever go back to v6) :slight_smile:

Hi Philippe,

Two follow up points:

  1. Very cool on the Notes and Comments.

But I wasn’t at all clear on my 2nd feature request.

What I -want- is for the notes to move back and forth between Cubase and Wavelab. IOW: if the CPR had global Notes, then those notes should be available when one opens the clip (or WAV) in Wavelab. That would provide continuity from recording/mixing through to mastering.

And conversely, if I update notes in WL, I’d like those to flow back to Cubase.

Upgrade The Spectrum Editor
Upgrade The Spectrum Editor
Upgrade The Spectrum Editor
Upgrade The Spectrum Editor
Upgrade The Spectrum Editor
Upgrade The Spectrum Editor
Upgrade The Spectrum Editor
Upgrade The Spectrum Editor

(I’m taking an on-line hypnosis class)

How’s it working? :smiley:


What do you want improved in the spectrum editor? I use it about once a week to remove something I can’t remove with manual declick, and it works fine for me. I have Izotope but prefer the convenience of the built in spectrum editor for such things.

In Sony or Izotope you can work on multiple selections at once. It’s beyond wonderful.

+1, Photoshop-style selections, selections of harmonics and perhaps some more flexibility beyond the rectangular marquee.