Initial thoughts on Nuendo 6 coming from Sequoia

First of all, I completely looking forward to learn Nuendo from scratch.
It does have some amazing features.
Yet some things, Steinberg should simply steal (we could say mimic) from Sequoia.

Just copy Sequoia’s Object Editor with all of it’s gazillion functions. Please, it’s just so much more efficient.

Spectral Cleaning/ Editing … please it on track level like Sequoiatude. Also add a powerful and complete offline spectral repair tool like the one in Seq. Especially for post, getting yet another bad location recording, it’s an unbelievable live saver.
Who doesn’t know it, should check out youtube. It’s outright crazy what that thing can fix.
Yeah, I know you can use izotope rx, but it takes sooo much longer.
The Sequoiatude, spectral cleaning is basically a Renovator SE.
I bet you could find a deal with the guys at Algorythmix.

Ah… and I can’t jump to time code positions using my keypad on my JL Cooper MCS… which is a little weird.

Apart from that, chapeau!

The ability to import csv lists into the ADR taker is insanely good! It enables us to integrate our audio software with your translation workflow using TM Systems. How cool is that?!

Oh yea. I forgot another thing… Samplitude has something called the “VST bridge”. It means you can use ANY 64bit vst plugin in the 32bit DAW and ANY 32bit plugin in the 64bit DAW. It works like a charm. It really doesn’t matter what sort of plugin you are using.
I needed to open Nuendo in order to realize that certain plugins I own are 32bit only.
They can do it. I bet you can do it, too!

Many of us use jBridge to accomplish the above. The Mac version is still in beta. It seems to be more reliable than Nuendo’s built-in bridge and can do 64-to-32 which Nuendo doesn’t do. I use it mostly for 32-bit-only plugins in Nuendo 64.