Initial value of Instrument slider differs from reality (Mixer window and panes)

The initial value of all sliders is -6.02 (I imagine literary expression “Ouch! Fu**! Sh**!” by responsible programmer) while the volume of instrument is 0.00. When I move slider a bit higher, to -5.00, of course it reacts as it should do and volume of instrument decreases to -5.00. When I do Ctrl+LeftClick on the value, it goes to 0.00 and slider also moves to that position and everything is okay. But the default state and position isn’t correct.

I just read that it’s on purpose not to overload the master if you add a bunch of instruments.


I would agree if it would work this way. But as I wrote the volume of instrument is 0.00 despite the slider shows -6.02. When I play instrument or whole project and move slider to -5, then volume decrease from 0.00 to -5.00, not from -6.02 to -5.00 as expected.

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Thanks for reporting this, Arthur. It looks like at some point in the relatively recent past something has gone missing in the way these initial values are sent to the audio engine when setting up a a new project or re-applying a playback template. We’ll make sure this gets fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.