Initialise modulation?

Is there a way to initialize all modulation wheel settings to max at 127?

What I do at present is create a one bar MIDI track for every MIDI track I use, which may be hundreds.
Is there an easier way in Cubase 8.5? A default high setting would be great



Add a MIDI Event and insert the MIDI Message.

thanks but where? Are you talking of only one MIDI event, or one per track?

One per track. Put it at the beginning of the project. This is common to set an init values.

So the answer is no then, not even in the logical editor or something, they aredone one by one only.


In the Logical editor, you can do:

  • If MIDI CC Nr == 1 (Modulation) && Value 2 == 127
  • MIDI Channel = 2
  • MIDI Channel = 3
  • MIDI Channel = 4
  • MIDI Channel = 16

Function: Insert

This will send MIDI CC1 (Modulation) value 127 on all channels, once you send it on one MIDI Channel. But it doesn’t send it to all MIDI Ports.