Initialization Crash with Cubase 5 after Win7 upgrade

I bought Cubase 5 soon after I purchased my new laptop. At the time it had Vista on it. The program ran great and never had an issue with it.

Recently, I upgraded to Windows 7, and ever since, I’ve had issues with launching Cubase. When I execute the program, I watch the launch window scroll through it’s Initialization procedures. It freezes, randomly, during various stages. Like: Open Control Panel initialization, or Video Preview initialization. It does get past LCC and the VST library every time, but hangs up after that.

Once the freeze happens, one of two things happen. First, the whole system freezes (with what’s currently being displayed - i.e. Desktop with launch window open), the mouse won’t move, cont/alt/del doesn’t work, etc. You have to shut it down hard and start over. The second thing is much like the first, except you can move the mouse, but that’s it, everything else is still frozen (i.e. desktop icons, start menu, etc.). And hitting cnrl/alt/del brings up the hourglass and the system locks up again.

I watch my CPU and RAM readings and they stay around 55% CPU and RAM usage, and remain the same numbers at lockup (no spikes).

I do have the latest audio/video drivers, since I did so after the WIN7 upgrade. I even patched my 5.0 to 5.5.2 with the exact same effect. I also reinstalled and started over, and it did the same thing. Any idea what the issue might be?

System Specs:
Win7 (32)
Core Duo CPU 2.5 Ghz

Try deleting Prefs and re-starting Cubase after backing up any custom key commands, etc. There’s a knowledge base article that tells how to trash Prefs. You need to re-select your soundcard and VSTi folders, etc. after doing so.