Initialize all automation

Is there a way to initialize all automation. in a way that it has that “start point” already written in.

I tried clicking the master “W” button up top and touch a fader but it only affects that particular fader.



Hit F6 to bring up the Automation Panel, from there you can delete any existing automation and start fresh. If you hit the “R” at the top of the Mixing Console all the tracks are put into Read Mode, same for Write Mode. Mess around with the it all some more and it will become clearer.

Don’t know if this will work, but you could try:-

  1. Highlight (select) all tracks you want to initialise, in the MixConsole
  2. Use Q-Link to link operations to those selected tracks (Q-Link doesn’t work in the Arrange Page)
  3. Enable ‘W’ for writing automation
  4. Move one of the faders (to create an initial automation point)…

Result:- maybe it does it for all the tracks…?

Or… Select all tracks in the Arrange page and hit ‘W’ and manually insert an automation point on one of the tracks; maybe it will add it to all the tracks…?

Its a good question mind… :wink: