initialize all the plug-ins

  • How can I initialize all my plug-ins ? each time I check the plugs wavelab element 7 change all my list ! I would retreive my essentials plugs. (how remove the plugs folder in the VST options ?)

  • is the SLM128 plug from cubase available in wavelab ?

thanks for help

ok I uninstall preferences and plugins by :

You must rename for instance to
“OS Disk \User<Your Username>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab [or WaveLab Elements] 7 inactive”

But I don’t understand, I don’t have the Sonnonx debuzzer in my plug list … :frowning:

I hope wavelab element 8 will lbe more stable with plug-ins, each I force the plugs scan each I have a different result … !? plug disapear and other are available … it’s really annoying … I cheked standard folder and unchecked and there are some of my plugs but not all. :astonished: