Initializing Content long pause


My N5 sticks for a couple of minutes with the starting screen and the message “Initializing Content”. Is there any reason? Anybody else?


Nuendo “gathers” all of the links (audio/projects/plugins) that you previously used.
If any of those discs are asleep, or not exist anymore, it takes some time to “disconnect”.
Just as you (for example) have saved -or imported- a file to/from another computer, and that computer is not turned on, the OS will wait a while before it reports" link not found".


Thanks Fredo!

I found the problem: my MediaBay database file is over a 1 GB. Deleting it, everything was smooth and quick. Is there something that I can do, or should I rescan EVERYTHING again?

I’ve noticed the same thing in Cubase 6 recently. If you delete your media bay data base then surely your media bay will be empty and therefore pointless?