Initiating Chord Pads freeze?

Almost every time I open Cubase (new or existing project) on the opening splash screen it hangs on “initializing Chord Pad” and I have to us the Task Manager to close the programe, and then it has to be opened in “safe mode”??
It is becoming bleedin’ annoying now so can anyone a) explain what’s happening and b) offer a preventative solution??
I am using all the latest Windows and Cubase Pro software !!

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Does Cubase generate a DMP file? If yes, could you attach it, please?

Does it happen if you Disable Cubase Preferences?

Dont know about Cubase generating any DMP files and, because it happens at very random times, in random projects with or without chord pad being used within them, I haven’t disabled preferences UNLESS I have had to force shut down Cubase.

On PC the location of any Cubase crash dump file would typically be here:
C:\Users\ {your_username}\Documents\Steinberg\CrashDumps

…where " {your_username}" is the name of your account in Windows.

As requested!

(Attachment Cubase 64bit 2023.2.11 is missing)

The first attempt failed so I hope you get this one!!

(Attachment Cubase 64bit 2023.2.11 is missing)

I have tried twice to send you the crash dump files now but, for some reason, your site rejects them???

Any other ideas??


The site doesn’t reject them. As you can see many users succeed with it.

You can also share a link via Dropbox or similar service.

I am away from my computer now, but I will send you a screen shot of the automated message I get when I try!!

It doesn’t really matter that “many users succeed” with sending files, because all I keep getting is:

Unfortunately some attachments in your email message to [“”] (titled RE: [Steinberg Forums] [Cubase] Initiating Chord Pads freeze?) were rejected.

Cubase 64bit 2023.2.11 Sorry, but the file you provided is empty.

Maybe something is broke your end, but I have really had enough now!! For whatever reason I cant send you the requested crash dump files to help you solve the problem and yet, by your comment, you are almost accusing me of dong something wrong??

Not great customer service!!

This is not a customer service website, it’s a public user forum, where you are posting for the world to see. In your country customer support is available directly from Steinberg. Visit the support page at

Visit the forum and drag the file onto your reply, or copy and paste the file into your reply…

Isn’t Martin a Steinberg rep?

If you want to post the crash log, visit the forum.


Does it mean the DMP file size is 0?

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I actually haven’t a clue, that’s what was in the crash dump files.
I think I will draw a line under this now and hope that, the next time I get a crash/freeze, the information will be available to share.
Thanks for your efforts though.

Did you get this sorted out? I’ve experienced this for a cpl of months now.

I dont really know how, but I havent had this issue for a long time now.
The only thing I can suggest is make sure that you are using all the latest updates for all your programs and plug ins!!
I must also say that Cubase Pro has been absolutely fine for me in all areas, so I hope that same will eventually happen for you!!

Good luck!!

Thx for your reply :slight_smile:

The latest updates for all Steinberg products I already have. Even reinstalled them a cpl of times.

My issue seems to be related to the ‘Checking Licences’ thingy.
Maybe 40% of all Cubase startups stops at some point.
Sometimes at 'Chord Pads, sometimes at ‘VST Mixer’.
At worst it says no valid licence found.

I’m checking every day if there’s a new version of eLicenser, which I hope would resolve this.

Like many I’ve been a Cubase (Pro-24) user since the Atari days in the 80s.
It’s gone so far that I’ve recently started to play around with Studio One, and it’s getting more and more tempting to totally switch because of its easy access to many functions - even though it lacks many of the ‘under the hood’-features that Cubase has.

Well well, time will tell.

Edit: Another clue is that Cubase often still hangs around in Task Manager after quitting it.
Like now, I’ve closed Cubase five minutes ago, but it’s still there as a process eating 280MB of RAM.
This usually indicates that the next Cubase startup will fail…