Inizalitiation of Cubase 9.0.20

Goodmorning everyone. I hope you can help me with a problem I have with cubase 9.0.20.
At the start (initialization), Cubase goes to look for a Waveshall-VST 9.3.VST3 that I have uninstalled and no longer exists on my computer. Then open a window to ask me where this dll is located. In fact, choosing “cancel” the program goes smoothly and everything works. (please, look at attached picture) But this gives me some annoyance :smiling_imp:
Why does Cubase look for an old installation that no longer exists? Maybe because he “wrote” in a startup file that needs that installation … and where is, if so, that file? In order to correct or delete it?
Thanks to all those who will give me a hand. :smiley:

P.S. Please, excuse my Eng, I’m from Italy.


It seems, it has not been uninstalled completely. Find the Waveshall DLL file, and delete it manually.

Good morning Martin and a thousand thanks for the reply. In fact this is so … :wink: I had problems during uninstalling with that Waves and I could not complete the automatic procedure. Afterwards, however, I deleted every occurrence (at least, I thought !!! :cry: ) and I even used Regedit to make sure. Now in my computer there is nothing (hope !!!) that is called Waveshell or something like that … Why does Cubase keep looking for it? Maybe there is a file, somewhere, it wrote what it needs to leave, by chance? :question:
Still thanks to you.
Alex :nerd:


Click to VST Plug-in Manager Settings in the VST Plug-in Manager window. Here you can see all paths Cubase is scanning. Open all of these folders and make sure, there is no any waves in the folders, please.

You could also try to trash Cubase Preferences to make sure, Cubase scans all folders from scratch.

Many many thx, Martin, you so kind … :wink:
At the moment I’m not at home … as soon as I’ll be back,naturally I’ll try and will inform you …
Alex :nerd:

Heyyyyyy, Martin, problem solved thx yours suggests … You really kind!! See you the next time (so, very soon :slight_smile: ) I’ll need help …