Innovating/Developing/Betterizing Cubendo 'Library' System - Make it more similar to mediabay rather than pool

I’m starting to see great uses for the Library system. For example, if you are dealing with someones expanse repertoire of music ideas they’ve developed over 10 years, and you want to be able to organize it into a folder structure within the pool-like window, it allows one to listen to material regardless of what sample rate/bit depth the material is, listen to multiple ideas, encourages merging different ideas into one song and so on. You could do much of this exploration through media bay, but that is a bit cumbersome going between clients work and all your own samples and presets, etc.

That being said, I’d like to see the Library window, become more similar to mediabay than the standard Cubendo pool window.

I would also like to see some features such as:

When select-highlighting an audio file in a library I’d like to see an expanded waveform view/window edit zone on the bottom of the Library window where you can:
-do non-destructive trimming and section exclusions where playback skips through these parts you don’t want to listen to.
-Make selections on this waveform which you can copy-drag into project.
-make SoundCloud-style notes on expanded waveform.
-In the file list, I’d like field tabs for descriptions, star rating system.

-I would like the Library to link to other types of files, .txt notepad files, MS word files, pictures.

I would also like to see currently opened libraries appear in the right zone mediabay home in which any folder-trees in the Library are mirrored over.

Deeper 2-way integration with Cubendo, ie, In the Cubase Export window, I’d like to “Export To Library” where I can chose a Library project and any folders within that Library. Do this within a Cubase browser instead of Windows browser, this would be accomplished by a.) Being able to have a default ‘Library’ directory location which any library within is updated in a list. b.) Being able to add libraries to the list on a per library creation/save basis. c.) Being able to search your PC for all Libraries.

I would also like to be able to create playback playlist, or multiple playlists that can be saved - playlists of media within the specific Library that is open.

  • Ability for MIDI parts to go into Library.