inport to cubase composition.


i was wondering if it is possible to set back my wav file to cubase composition.
Because i lost my files with pc crash.

Got all my samples and vst(halion).

It seems not possible to encode my .wav file to Cubase project

Are you asking if a wav mixdown can be converted to a Cubase project file automatically? No, that would be an astonishing miracle of digital signal processing and artificial intelligence. If you sliced up the wav file in the sample editor, I suppose you might get some basic information that could help with reconstructing the project, but it wouldn’t be much better than starting from scratch.

oke. Maybe in later versions.

When you open cubase and create a project you can import all the wav files you want into your project.

A wav file and a project file are two different things.

The wav files for a project will be in the audio folder wherever your project is saved.