input bar rest in second voice

When I try to insert a whole bar rest in voice 2 it gets split into 2 half note rests.
How can I input only one bar rest for the complete bar?


Use the ‘Insert Bar Rest’ button in the right-hand Bars and Barlines panel.

Yes this works. Thanks.
But why does’t it work the “normal” input way? This is quite uncomfortable and time consuming to open the panel and hit insert bar rest. Don’t you think so?

And one more question: when I input a second voice in a bar and then several bars later I want to continue this second voice but when I hit shift-v I get another “second” voice (+2) instead of the former second voice. So I have to go back, select the “old” 2nd voice in order continue in this voice. Why that? Will this get changed?

If I understand your question correctly:

Shift + V creates a new voice, pressing V by itself cycles through the voices.

When you get to the point several bars later, just press V to enter into the other voice.


That is correct. FWIW, I added custom key commands to cycle the voice colors on and off. I’ve found it very helpful. Since the carat doesn’t change color to indicate which voice you’re in, a quick look at colors helps keep things clear. I don’t like to stare at them unnecessarily, however, so I go back to black after I am well-oriented. (I’m an organist so some of my stuff has 4 or 5 voices per stave per measure… this is the slickest way to do multi-voice writing bar none. I’m totally loving it!)

The reason inserting a bar rest is a bit awkward is because you should almost never do it. The only circumstance I can think of in which you would need to do it is when a secondary voice begins with a bar rest. You almost never need to actively create rests of any kind in Dorico, which is one of the most time-saving aspects of its note input method.

Ah, I see. My mistake.

Thank you all.

There is a certain usecase for inputting bar rests (although maybe very specific):
When you have two instrument voices on the same part (e.g. Horns 1 & 2) that need to alternate. I prefer seeing bar rest than “1.”, “2.”, “1.”,… every other bar.

That being said, it was very easy to input these with the righthand “Bars and Barlines” menu.

You can also set options in the Notation Options dialog to tell Dorico not to hide intervening bar rests if you’re using this kind of notation consistently throughout the flow.

Amen to that! I love being able to click in wherever I want and just go. No fuss. It’s amazing and very much appreciated.

At the begin of a flow there is a system with two voices, both have a whole bar rest. How can I write this? I am always seeing only one rest.

In Write mode, double-click in the firsts measure to bring up the caret.
Use SHIFT+M to create a meter (like 4/4).
Use SHIFT+B to open the Bars popover and type +4 to add four measures.
Skip over the opening measure where you want a rest and double-click in measure 2 to start entering notes.

This is very helpful - it might be good if the voices could cycle according to voice color, so one could be sure of starting/adding to a voice.

Thanks, Derrek, but this is not what I want. May be it’s easier to attach a picture: a typical begin of a fuge. The point is the TWO rests in bar 1 in left hand.

If you’re really writing a fugue and you want all the rests to appear for every voice, then simply start writing in the second voice at the point at which it naturally begins, and in Notation Options, on the Rests page, set ‘Bar rests in additional voices’ to ‘Show bar rests’, and ‘Coincident rests of the same duration in opposing voices’ to ‘Show every rest in each voice’. Finally, in the very first bar, you need to create an explicit bar rest in each voice: use the ‘Insert Bar Rest’ button in the Bars and Barlines panel on the right-hand side.

The result is attached. (86.5 KB)

Another question about bar rests when inputting two voices on a single staff: When I switch to Engrave Mode, it appears that the bar rests (like instrument changes) are completely impossible to move up and down manually. Is this the case? Are there some objects that simply cannot be repositioned, and are bar rests among them?
Thanks so much and keep up the great work!

You should find that you can move a bar rest if you enable the ‘Rest pos.’ property in the Notes and Rests group in the Properties panel.

That’s it. Thanks!!

Hi! There’s an error on the file… But thanks for the explanation