Input bus presets including inserts

It is virtually impossible to recall input bus settings and have them open with inserts included. For unknown reasons input channels can not be saved and recalled like all other channels.
I propose to include all insert settings of the input channels to be saved with the input configurations that can be saved under VST connections.
This would speed up the workflow immensely and make it much easier to recall recording templates.

And while you are at it it would be REALLY great if there would be an UPDATE current preset function there. Right now it is totally convoluted to save changes to a specific existing preset.(copy preset name, make changes, re-save, overwrite…)

If I am understanding what you are asking for … mine works perfectly.

Have you tried setting up a few empty projects the way you like and save them as user templates? Then you can use one of those templates to start a new project and it will be populated with all your track I/O bus settings and inserted VSTs.

Regards :sunglasses:

The workaround you propose is very limited. It means I have to know before I start a project what inputs are required. Once i am in the process i am stuck with the initial input settings. For me the requirements vari from the different stages of a project. Initially I need only a few inputs for scratch tracks etc. then i want to overdub let’s say ac.git. Then later there might be drum kit Rec, followed by voc etc. every time i need different input configurations.