Input busses Cubase SE3

Hi, I’m trying to set up multiple input busses on Cubase SE3.
The manual says “You can create any number of busses in Cubase SE in mono or stereo.”
But the program will only let me set up 4 input busses and 4 output busses
My audio interface is an EMU 1616M PCI, which has 16 ASIO channels and cubase can recognise all of them in the 'Port 'column in vst connections window. but just refuses to let me have any more busses .

Anybody know how to convince se3 that more than 4 busses is OK ? I’d appreciate it


The cubase se3 feature chart says 8 physical input and outputs so that’s your lot I’m afraid.

Thanks for that, Split.You’ve saved me a day wondering about it.I’ll figure out a workaround.

All the best

It’s 4 Stereo or 8 Mono, just to clarify.