Input caret color change for insert mode?

And another quick idea before I go play a gig:
I see a number of folks having issues with insert mode, and (while think it’s genius) even though it DOES change the appearance of the input caret slightly, couldn’t you please implement a clear (or even user definable) color change if insert mode is active?
Just a visual reminder to expect very different results while it’s active…

Cheers and keep up the outstanding work!!

All the best,

You don’t think putting two huge chevrons on the top and bottom of the caret does enough to change its appearance?

I have to agree a color change would be welcome.

Well, different things work for different people, but my gut feeling is that if I’m working with symbols representing the music and my mind is tuned to that, then a symbol that represents HOW the music is entered should use a different “channel”, no?
Anyways, it was just an idea, I love color coded things!


I think it’s nice as it is…but maybe it’s good to have that option.