Input Channel Hardware Channel Strip not working properly

Using 9.5.2 with MR816CSX and cannot toggle the switch on the “Hardware” section of any of the input channels to only monitor through the Yamaha Channel Strip.

9.5.2 will only let me record through the MR816CSX Channel Strip and not just monitor through it.

I have latest MR Tools installed.

Cubase 9.5.2
OS Sierra

Hi there

I occasionally have a similar problem with my UR824,the Hardware section is totally absent. Then I have to reboot the UR and restart Cubase and all is fine, no idea why it happens but it’s rather irritating

Best Regards, Dave

That also happens to me on occasion. It’s irritating but, as you mention, fixes itself when rebooting.
The issue i mentioned above doesn’t fix itself and its a feature I rely heavily on when recording.

For anyone experiencing this problem I had to solve it by buying a new interface: UR824.

Now it works