Input channel routing problem

I use a UR28M card. I have a problem with the input channels in Cubase. I only discovered the problem recently because I have never used this option before. I connect the keyboard with cables to inputs 1 and 2 of the UR28M card. In Cubase PRO 11, I open a stereo audio track. I have sound control of the channel and only when I turn on the “monitor” option on the audio track. Keyboard recording works 100%. The problem is this: I see the channel volume control on the “audio” track but I don’t see it on the “stereo out” track even though Routing on the “audio” track is normally “stereo out”. When I use the “VST” track (same routing) with the same setup, everything works normally. Then I have control on the “stereo out”. So the problem is only with the “audio” track. For your information, I tried it with my old M-Audio Fast Track Pro audio card and everything works normally. Even with this card to have sound control I don’t need to turn on the “monitor” option on the track at all, because it always works. Please solve my problem if you can.

Problem solved. The “direct monitoring” option was included in “Studio Setup”. Now that it’s off I have normal signal control on the channel.